10/12-13 28th Annual Family Law Institute: Complex Custody I

Author/Presenter: Mary Ann R. Burmester, Ms. Janice Griffin, Gary Lombardo, Mr. Stephen M. Klump, Ms. Tiffany Oliver Leigh, Hon. James J. Loughren, Mr. William D. Slease, Esq., Mrs. Amanda Ann Pagan, Gaetano Ferro, Esq., Dr. Gayle Zieman, Dr. Beth L. Roth, Dr. Rick Reed, Dr. John Rinaldi
Presentation Time: Friday, October 12, 2012 8:25 AM
Location: 5121 Masthead NE
Duration: 32 Hours 35 Minutes
Credits: General: 10.2, EP: 2.0
Format Live Seminar


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