04/27 - 28 2012 NM Collaborative Law Symposium: Basics

Author/Presenter: Ms. Jan Gilman Tepper, Ms. Kathryn Erin Terry, Ms. Janice Griffin, Mr. Timothy Reynolds, Ms. Maureen Polikoff, Ms. Tiffany Oliver Leigh, Mr. Westly Wellborn, Mr. Ken Gilman, Mr. Witter Tidmore, Ms. Julie A. Wittenberger, Ms. Jessica C. Roth, Ms. Gretchen Mary Walther
Presentation Time: Friday, April 27, 2012 8:45 AM
Location: 5121 Masthead NE
Duration: 32 Hours 15 Minutes
Credits: General: 11.0, EP: 1.0
Format Live Seminar


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